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Esther was born in Palma de Mallorca in 1982, but when she turned 16 she decided to leave the island to visit other places. He has lived in Madrid, Darmstadt and Stuttgart. She currently lives

in Barcelona.


Altough she works as an industrial engineer for an important company, her true passion is traveling, which she does whenever possible, driven by

her endless desire to discover other

people and other cultures.


She never tought about working as an actress. Bittersweet days is her first experience in front

of the cameras.





Born in Amsterdam in 1983, Brian graduated in Fine Arts, specializing in the field of teaching. After working several years as an Art teacher at several  institutions, he began working

in the audiovisual world.


Since then he has worked as a director, camera operator, editor and producer in music videos, documentaries, commercials and shortfilms.


He currently lives in Barcelona, where he combines his audiovisual work with his job of cycling tourist guide. He has always been interested in acting and has appeared in several short videos, but Bittersweet days is his first experience as a professional actor.




Joan was born in Manacor (Mallorca) in 1981. Graduated in Sociology and trained in physical theater and text actor, Joan defines himself as

"an actor and creator".


He has acted in various television series (Laberint de passions, Mossèn Capellà, L'anell, El secreto de Puente Viejo) and shortfilms (Foley Artist, Remor). He recently conducted the documentary series Ramon Lull for IB3 TV.


He has also worked in various theater and dance projects, highlighting his performance in motion (remor), that won a Total Theatre Award in Edinburgh Fringe and has been shown in nine countries.






Patricia was born in Barcelona in 1983. She graduated in Economics in Barcelona and then she attended a master's degree in International Business Management in Madrid.


After working in the department of International Trade at the Spanish Consulate in Düsseldorf (Germany), she moved back to Barcelona, where she works as a financial controller for a German multinational company.


She channels her artistic leanings through dance and interpretation. She is a member of an amateur theater company in Barcelona.




Natasja was born in 1985 in Dokkum (Holland) but she has been living in Amsterdam for more than 10 years. In 2009 she graduated as a Dance Teacher at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool

voor de Kunsten.


Since then she combines her work as a yoga and dance teacher with an important career as a professional dancer for various Dutch companies that have led her to perform around the world.


Although she already had some experience as a performer artist, Bittersweet days has been Natasja's first experience in a movie.




Michael was born in Stuttgart (Germany) in 1985. He graduated in English and Spanish Philology and Secondary Education in Tübingen.


After working as a janitor, judo-trainer, promoter and driver, he now works as a teacher in a secondary school in Frankfurt teaching English

and Spanish.


Altough he now enjoys a stable and comfortable job as a teacher, he also considers himself as

"a part-time Bohemian".


Before acting in Bittersweet days he played several rols in some Valle Inclán's theatre plays while he was studying at the university. 




Born in Barcelona in 1978, Queralt studied acting at the Estudi Dramàtic Nancy Tuñón in Barcelona. She graduated as an English teacher at UB and attended a master's degree in New theatrical techniques applied to Education.


As an actress she has worked in theater (Ària, Laberint, etc.) and film (Lisístrata, Qué glande es el cine, Puertas, etc.). She has worked as an  interpretation teacher for over 15 years,

opening her own school in Barcelona,

Art Actors Queralt (2009-14).


She is currently studying Playwriting and Stage Direction in ESAD, while she produces and writes several plays.




Joan was born in Mallorca in 1988, but he has been living in Barcelona for more than 10 years.

He began his theatrical training when he was 12, taking also classes in modern and

contemporary dance, which led him to act in different plays such as Jesucristo Superstar

and Desamor.


He studied Musical Comedy in Coco Comín academy in Barcelona. These last few years he has performed in different musicals, theatre plays,

in Internet series (Crónicas del estudiante

medio, Desde la oscuridad), shortfilms

(Latente, Telebasura, I love Elvis etc.)

and feature films (Ocho, Árbol sin sombra).


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