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When Julia's boyfriend has temporarily to move to London, she has to share the

flat with Luuk, an outgoing Dutch photographer. Their cohabitation will

make the two of them rethink their way

to confront live.


A film about identity, love, friendship

and personal growth,

that portraits the concerns of a

thirty-something group of people in a globalized Barcelona.




Bittersweet days is a 72 min. indie low-budget feature film.


The original version of the film is in

English and Spanish. 






The idea of making Bittersweet days was born in a slepless night on Spring of 2013.


Encouraged by the example of different independent films made in recent years,  Marga Melià took the plunge and explained the project to a number of friends and acquaintances with whom she wanted to work.


They all agreed and, by working together, they have experienced an incredible adventure.


The film postproduction finished

in 2016.  

After its world premiere at the Atlántida Film Festival and its selection in other outstanding festivals during 2016,

Bittersweet dayst premiered in Spanish cinemas in June 2, 2017

with the distribution company #ConUnPack.

Urban Films is now in charge of its International Sales.


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