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Most of the songs of Bittersweet days' soundtrack are from the Majorcan band Lili's House.


In the film you can also hear two pieces composed by Julio Arcala, a song by The Wheels and

another one by Satellites.



Lia Gibert and Guille Borrás (The WheelsSunflowers) are the heart and soul of the Mallorcan band "Lili's House". Their songs, full of optimism and good vibes, bring us back the sound of the sixties in California with

a fresh and modern feeling.


The songs of their first  EP, Lili's House, have a bucolic touch and psychedelic reminiscences. With this work, the young group has managed to gain the respect of critics and public. Their first LP will be released in 2016.


Songs as Come with me, Turtles, Water,

Jumping, A thousand windows, Silent shout, Lili Sweet Lili and Bittersweet days create the perfect musical atmosphere to explain our main characthers' bittersweet story.




Julio is an Argentinian musician who studied classical music but whose passion is

the popular music.


He has composed music for theater and directed the BAFA (Ballet de Arte Folclórico Argentino) orchestra. He has lived in Barcelona, Paris, Madrid and Seville, performing several concerts as a soloist and as a sideman with artists

like Minino Garay.


He is currently a member of the quartet Jazz "Sinuata" and of a Brazilian duet with Pedro Rosa. He is also a music teacher at the Lycée français in Palma de Mallorca.


He is the composer and performer of the themes  Un sorte de manouche and Brincadeira that appear in Bittersweet days.




"The Wheels" is a young Mallorcan neo-psychedelia pop-rock band led by Guille Borras that was formed in 2010 and consolidated in 2014 with the publication

of its first EP Great Frustrations.


They recorded their first LP in 2015: Born to fly. The album presents 10 songs of pure neo-psychedelia that combines certain influences from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Doors and Eels

with Mediterranean spices.


In Bittersweet days we can listen to a short fragment of their song Mentalism.




"Satellites" is a Mallorcan experimental rock band led by Jordi Herrera. Intermittently active since 1996, their music is characterized by abrupt changes in dynamics and by their exploration of musics that induct to trance.


Some of their most remarkable EPs are: Nothing came, The Cave and the Limehouse Recordings, A Ghost Singing and La mujer pescado.

They have also published three LPs: 

The Blue Box, Our Very Bright Darkness

and La Singularitat i la Fracció.


We can listen to a fragment of their legendary song Night Call in Bittersweet days.


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